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Smart Padlock

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  • LONG BATTERY LIFE. Thanks to low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology and internal low-resistance unlock structure design. The motor only needs to consume very little current to unlock. Use CR2032 button batteries (desktop computer motherboards also use this battery), easier to buy. Button batteries can withstand -86 degrees Fahrenheit to +158 degrees, compared to rechargeable lithium battery. Self-discharge is much lower, so you can guarantee standby more than 1 year. It unlocks 8000 times up.
  • MORE SAFETY. Zinc alloy and stainless steel metal lock body, durable, and smooth. The back cover can not be opened and the battery can not be removed during locking, to prevent damage to the battery. Communication using fast dynamic encryption, to prevent monitoring copy crack.
  • EMERGENCY POWER. When the battery is exhausted, only use a CR2032 button battery access to the emergency port to work properly.
  • OUTDOOR WATERPROOF. Fully applicable to outdoor heavy rain, and can be completely soaked in water for a short time.
  • APP. Unlock time record, on map display unlock position, shared key, low battery reminder, can add multiple locks, support iOS and Android smartphone, easy to use.

The ultimate pursuit of battery life

1) Unique unlock the mechanical structure, the motor only needs a very small torque that can turn the latch, and then manually pull the lock lever to unlock, so to reduce the current consumption is extremely beneficial compared to the automatic bounce lock lever design. Battery life is much longer.

2) Using the CR2032 button battery, the self-discharge rate is very low.

3) Using has been very mature and reliable low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology, further reduce the current consumption.

4) Reduce the Bluetooth RF power. Control the communication distance of 27.5 feet or so, in the use of convenient circumstances, reduce current consumption, further extend the battery life.


  • Communication Mode: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Power Supply: CR2032 button batteries x2
  • Standby Time: 12 months
  • Standby Current: 0.05 mA
  • Unlock Times: More than 8000 times
  • Packaging Weight: 0.639 lb
  • Applications: Door locks, closets, lockers, bicycle locks, school, employee, athletic, storage lockers, etc.

Packing List:
1x Lock
1x User Manual
2x CR2032 Button Battery (already installed in the lock)