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Scott M.
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Just received my order and it is fantastic. Pictures do it no justice, thanks

Catherine K.
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I love my necklace!!! I've posted it on Instagram and a lot of people like it as well. Thank You very much for the excellent product & awesome customer service. I wish more businesses operated like you do. Take Care and I'm certain I'll be placing more orders in the future.

Frank J.
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I just wanted to thank the company and Tiffany especially for the customer support through the process, my item arrived 2 days early, and well exceeded my expectations of what I was purchased. 10/10 would buy again. Thanks!

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Pet Hair Cleaner

Pet Hair Cleaner

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For animal lovers, pet hair and pet hair removal are just a fact of life. It’s one of those small inconveniences we accept as part of the doggy deal. This Pet Hair Cleaner scoops out the invisible hair and puts it together. You only have to rub slightly, as a result, it cleans up the living environment of you and your pet.

It features a slight bony pit pattern which effectively cleans up pet hair through the last strand. Unlike vacuum cleaners, it does not require electricity making it a much better, cost-effective alternative.

Just wipe it repeatedly on the fabric until all pet hair, which is not visible to the eye, comes to the surface.


  • Clean the hair through the slight bony pit pattern.
  • Wipe on the fabric repeatedly, can clean up pets’ hair clearly.
  • Can be used for pet bed, carpet, sofa, clothes, beds, carriages.
  • Product does not stick to hair in itself, and doesn't require a cleaning machine.


  • Material: Foam Rubber
  • Size: 97 x 97 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Usage: Pet
  1. You just need to wipe gently with the product for cleaning and it's general service life is up to one year.
  2. The effect can be more significant if it's used to clean the relatively long animal hair.
  3. The hair are likely to stick on the brush due to the static electricity in winter. You just need to wet the cleaner with a little spray and the hair can be removed easily.
  4. The surface of the cleaner will get dry and rough of it's left idle for a long period of time. You can grind the dry surface off to restore its original state.


1x Pet Hair Cleaner

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