Magic LCD Drawing Tablet
Magic LCD Drawing Tablet
Magic LCD Drawing Tablet
Magic LCD Drawing Tablet
Magic LCD Drawing Tablet
Magic LCD Drawing Tablet

Magic LCD Drawing Tablet

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Brand: Howshow 
Item: Magic LCD Drawing Tablet 
Size: 12 inches / 273 * 185 * 4.5 mm 
Main Material: ABS + Electronic Parts 
Color: Red, Black, Blue, White 
Input Pressure: 10~20 G 
Input Voltage: AC 36V 
Frequency: 1 Hz 
Weight: about 180 g 
Waterproof Level: IPX5 
Temperature: 5°C - 40°C 
Battery: 1x CR2016 Button Cell 
Reflecting Rate: 25%~30% 
Recommended Age: 3 years old Up
Application: Office, Family, School 


  • It uses high technology, flexible liquid crystal technology, depending on the pressure sensing to display text, pictures and graphics, erasing over 500,000 times. 
  • Erase button 
  • Stylus holder (stylus included) 
  • Durable, shatterproof plastic LCD 
  • Replaceable batteries 
  • Ultra thin, only 4.5 mm thick 
  • Pressure-sensitive writing surface 

1. Avoid using in the following conditions: The ambient temperature changes sharply, above high temperature of 40°C, under low temperature of 5°C, under the strong light, under ultraviolet light, in the dust in the environment, in a humid environment, or the product is with water or soaked in any liquid. 
2. Avoid contact with sharp objects or sticky surface of the screen to prevent damage. Avoid dropping the product vertically on the ground. Avoid the product by the strong impact of other objects. 
3. Please use clean cloth to gently wipe clean. 
4. Do not disassemble this product without authorization. 
5. Do not use this machine model that does not match the cell and the cell is not standard.
6. It don't save notes itself. You can download an APP named Boogie board jot, and save notes in your cellphone.

Package Includes: 
1x Magic LCD Drawing Tablet 
1x Pen