DIY Tumbling Robot
DIY Tumbling Robot
DIY Tumbling Robot
DIY Tumbling Robot
DIY Tumbling Robot

DIY Tumbling Robot

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  • Extremely durable, plastic, safe and non-toxic materials, science DIY toy!
  • Mechanical robot dances, tumbles, falls and gets up all on his own.
  • The tumbling robot makes children laugh with his dancing and somersaults.
  • Best educational gift for kids! Age 8+ recommended.
  • Warning!!! Kids' robot kit requires 2 AA batteries but not included, using improper battery may cause battery heat, burst or leak! Do not mix used batteries and new batteries or batteries of different types. Do not mix alkaline, standard(carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (nickle-cadmium) batteries.

The development robot toys experiment, which is a wonderful way to teach science skills to a child. 
The educational robot toys can shake a leg, and his dancing antics are a good way to make a kid laugh. 
Kids can build the rough-and-tumble toys that come with the kit in about an hour and then enjoy its antics for a long time. 
The explorer robot kit would make an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for any little one and is sure to provide for hours of entertainment.


Material: Plastic 
3 Modes: fall-and-get-up, dance and somersault 
Size: 4.1" * 2.8" * 7.1" (10.5cm * 7cm * 18cm) when assembled

Tumbling Robot Parts List: 
1* robot head 
1* robot hip assembly 
2* robot arms (Right and Left) 
1* robot back 
1* robot leg sensor 
1* robot chest 
2* robot legs (Right and Left) 
2* robot sole of feet 
3* robot pins 
1* decals

Tool what you may need when assembled(not included): 
1x scissors 
2x AA batteries