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Scott M.
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Just received my order and it is fantastic. Pictures do it no justice, thanks

Catherine K.
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I love my necklace!!! I've posted it on Instagram and a lot of people like it as well. Thank You very much for the excellent product & awesome customer service. I wish more businesses operated like you do. Take Care and I'm certain I'll be placing more orders in the future.

Frank J.
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I just wanted to thank the company and Tiffany especially for the customer support through the process, my item arrived 2 days early, and well exceeded my expectations of what I was purchased. 10/10 would buy again. Thanks!

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Dermopatch 24H Acne & Skin Tags Remover Set (24 Pcs)

Dermopatch 24H Acne & Skin Tags Remover Set (24 Pcs)

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Most acne treatments can't target individual breakouts. They target your entire face which can end up spreading the acne and leaving your face dry, flakey, and irritated. Why use treatment on your entire face with all those unnecessary side effects when you can now just hone in on the problem spot? With this Dermopatch 24H Ance & Skin Tag Remover, you peel the thin silicone dots and apply directly on top of blemishes to help keep the acne fighting treatment in while helping keep bacteria promoting oxygen out.

Fast and Intensive Treatment

DERMOPATH™ is designed to reduce redness and inflammation of breakouts. These patches protect the acne spot from external pollutants while absorbing exudate to speed up the healing process. The size of zits will be reduced evidently after a few hours of application.

With fine ventilation and soft texture, you can apply them to make infected area invisible. It is a perfect and healthy solution for "removing" acnes on your makeup. It can effectively separate acnes from makeup base. 

  • Removes acne, skin tags scars & warts
  • Low stimulus with moist dressing
  • Quickens recovery by absorbing exudation of wound
  • Full protective cover, make acnes perfectly invisible
  • Minimizes scar of wound by fostering moist environment
  • Prevents secondary infection by blocking micro dust and germs
  • Certified by FDA for protection of wound
  • Fine ventilation of wound
  • Patches with 3 different sizes (7 mm, 10 mm & 12 mm) can fit your need
      HOW TO USE?
      1. Wash and dry the blemishes thoroughly.
      2. Choose a patch that is slightly bigger than the spot to cover it up completely.
      3. Stick the patch onto the dry skin before applying any skin treatments.
      4. Leave it to absorb pus and protects the area from bacteria.
      5. When it turns white, peel it off gently. Replace it with a new one.


      1x Dermopatch 24H Acne & Skin Tags Remover Set (24 pcs)

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