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Scott M.
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Just received my order and it is fantastic. Pictures do it no justice, thanks

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I love my necklace!!! I've posted it on Instagram and a lot of people like it as well. Thank You very much for the excellent product & awesome customer service. I wish more businesses operated like you do. Take Care and I'm certain I'll be placing more orders in the future.

Frank J.
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I just wanted to thank the company and Tiffany especially for the customer support through the process, my item arrived 2 days early, and well exceeded my expectations of what I was purchased. 10/10 would buy again. Thanks!

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Air Sterling Engine

Air Sterling Engine

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Air Sterling Engines are unique heat engines because of their theoretical efficiency is almost equal to the theoretical maximum efficiency, it is called the Carnot Cycle Efficiency. This engine is heated by gas expansion, and cold contraction that generates power.


  • Material: Metal & Glass
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 165 x 87 x 95 mm


  • This is an external combustion engine in which the fuel is burned continuously, and the piston is moved by the expansion of air (or helium or hydrogen) as a medium, and the expansion gas is cooled in the cold chamber, and the cycle is repeated. Only a small alcohol lamp, you can make it fast rotation and strong power.
  • As the external combustion engine, to avoid the traditional internal combustion engine of the explosion to do work, in order to achieve a high efficiency, low noise, low pollution and low operating costs.
  • The biggest advantage of the external combustion engine output and efficiency from the influence of altitude, it is very suitable for high altitude areas.
  • Aerodynamics are rich in knowledge of physics, single cylinder combustion engine. Engine principle is intuitive, educational toys, teaching experimental equipment can effectively cultivate children's interest in learning. This can also be used for classroom teaching more intuitive and easy to understand.

- Hand toggle the flywheel to see if the engine model on the horizontal position is smooth. If there is a strong sense of raw astringent, check the connection rod whether the cylinder oil and dust is normal. If so, please use toilet paper to erase those whose not smooth. Toggle the flywheel, feel if the pressure rebounded within the cylinder body is a normal phenomenon, the cylinder is sealed.
- Please go to the pharmacy to buy 95% purity alcohol, anhydrous industrial alcohol better. Fill the alcohol lamp to less than two-thirds.
- At the premise of ensuring safety, ignite the alcohol lamp about 2 minutes after toggling the flywheel. Wait until the flywheel automatically operates. Hands off during the whole process of heating.
- LED lights can be directly put into the generator output interface. If not inserted, the exchange can be positive and negative, led a long foot for the cathode.

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  1. There will be an operation of steam. When you steam in too much time, the engine will stop working. Inside and outside the needle often set aside to reduce friction.
  2. Do not rotate the nut too tightly, otherwise, the glass will broke. If the piston is cracked, it can be bonded with glue.
  3. The alcohol lamp wick do not touch the glass, do not get too tight ring.
  4. Do not force to pull the piston connecting rod to front end because the front end is easy to break.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Air Sterling Engine
  • 1x Alcohol Burner

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